1. Overview

COOPER is a flexible sensor platform for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. It has been designed to meet the highest quality standards for environmental monitoring, low-power operation from batteries and wireless communication. Customized sensor and firmware configuration is available on request including silicone strap color customization, logo printing (using colored UV printing technology) and high-speed CNC milling in the top cover. The device is powered from 3x AA Alkaline 1.5V cells and it can provide up to 3 years of service time from the battery installation. Service time is given by the sensor measurement frequency, chosen communication technology, and communication interval.

1.1. Integrated Sensors

  • Acceleration

  • Acoustic noise

  • Altitude (sea level)

  • Atmospheric pressure

  • Ambient temperature

  • Battery voltage

  • CO2 concentration

  • Light intensity

  • Motion detection (PIR)

  • Relative air humidity

  • VOC concentration

1.2. Basic Features

  • Battery operation (3x AA 1.5V)

  • 868 MHz ISM low-power radio (encrypted communication - AES-128)

  • NB-IoT communication (optional)

  • LoRa communication (optional)

  • Sigfox communication (optional)

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (optional)

  • Push button with LED backlight (optional)

  • Loudspeaker with speech output (optional)

  • USB interface (with power support)

  • Firmware updates over USB

  • Dimensions (mm) 145(l) x 88(w) x 33(h)

1.3. Applications

  • Environmental monitoring

  • HVAC systems

  • Facility management

  • Smart home

  • Schools

  • Education

  • Development kit for IoT